Thursday, March 22, 2007

My name is muggle, and I'm a couponaholic!

Okay, so some know that I am a couponaholic. Yes, that's right....I don't buy anything without a coupon or a sale! I do this thing called The Grocery Game. It's a cool thing that matches your coupons with the weekly grocery store sales, so you buy stuff when it's at its cheapest. Well, I've been doing this over a year now and have quite a stockpile stored up....

My dear, sweet hubby got to "be a man" and build me some shelves for all this food. These were taken a few months ago, and believe it or not, I have even more food now than when I took these. I'm running out of room. Wait, scratch that....I've already run out of room. Better start getting creative!

But how can you not buy stuff with these kinds of savings????

Here's my Kroger trip: Total: $235.16
Actual Paid: $ 74.41
68% savings

Randalls: Total: $131.94
Actual Paid: $ 30.58
77% savings


Laura D said...


Suzi said...

I really can't believe the savings! So jealous! And very impressive work on the shelves!

How will you ever eat all of that food?

Trish said...

I'm jealous, too, and I play the GG! (But I just started in February)

Good luck starting to blog!