Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Funny Dragon by my 6 yr old daughter

There once was a dragon. His name was Max. He liked to eat a cookoo flower. They were pink and blue. One day Max left his home. When he got to the dragon forest, he was scared. Then he came up to a thorn bush. Then he found something eating in there. He wondered what it was. It was a little cookoo dragon. His name was Michael. He liked to be silly. Max and Michael were friends. One day Michael told a silly joke to Max.

"Knock, Knock!" said Micheal.

"Who's there?" asked Max.

"Orange," said Michael.

"Orange who?" asked Max.

"You know! Orange the color!" laughed Michael.

They laughed together.

The End


Suzi said...

Too cute!

Mugglemom's mom said...

Dang, I want to come visit those cute kids! That was a great story Kensi and a great picture! Love you! Nana