Friday, April 27, 2007

Random but interesting

Last night as we were watching TV (Survivor, The Office & 30 Rock to be exact), we heard a roaring noise overhead. Was that a helicopter? Then it swoops by again. Hubby goes outside. It's a freakin' Apache helicopter! We are no where near anything! Well, as hubby is looking at the sky, he sees a bat flying around. (That's not him holding the bat. I lifted that from the web). This morning when he wakes up, he warns the girls, "If you see a bat, leave it alone!" (We've had several rabid bats found in our area).

Well, K remember her daddy's words well, and runs up to wake me up, "Mommy! Mommy! I see a bat outside!"

"Was it in the backyard or the frontyard?"

"The front."

"Okay, don't let the dog or cat out in the front. I'll be down in a minute."

As I lay there trying to wake up, the thought crosses my mind, this will make a good blog. (Yes, I know I have problems!)

I made it downstairs and ask her to show me where she saw it. She points out the window, but I can't see anything. So I head out the front door to take a closer look. Nothing. Just a bunch of dead leaves on the grass. So much for my great blog!

Without anything spectacular to blog about, I decide to get dressed and head over to K's school for her "Super Kids' Day" where the kids get to do lots of fun games and activities. We had a good time.

I came home and needed to get the trimmings from our HUGE palm out to the trash before the trashmen got to our house. As I was taking them from the backyard to the frontyard, I keep smelling nasty, dead animal smell. I glance around to see if I can see the culprit, but come up empty handed. The smell is not terribly strong, so I figured it wasn't a very large animal. As I go to grab the last of the palm remnants, I find it. The very limited remains of a squirrel...a little fur and some organs or something. YUCK! And I know exactly how it got there.

My cat, Harry Potter, is a hunter-wannabe. He likes to bring roadkill (which there is a lot of around here), and bring it into the backyard as his prize and afternoon snack. Yeah, I know it's gross. I also found about 2 inches of a squirrel tail on the back porch. Hubby's got a job to do when he gets home. I don't do dead things. Blech!


Suzi said...

Sickest thing ever!

Muggle Mom said...

just be thankful i didn't go and take a picture of the remains. LOL!!!! ;)

Barlow Family said...

YUCKY!!!!! I don't do dead things either. That is really gross.

Emily said...

I must say, your blog is very entertaining. Lovely story! I never knew the 'burbs could be so interesting.

Zootenany Hoodlum said...

Isn't blogging addictive? Now all of my unpleasant moments are framed by "this will make a good blog..."