Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What went wrong?

Today was a pretty good day. We had some fabulous thunder and lightning storms here. With DD1 at school and DD2 at a friend's house, it was just me and the little guy. We went to the dollar store and got 15 of those plastic shoe boxes so I could organize my master closet, full of all the toiletry items I have purchased. Got a lot of it organized. Baby G took a little nap and so did I. Woke up, ate some lunch, and then went to pick up the kids from school. Still doing good. Got home, fed the kids a snack. For some reason, I started getting very agitated.

The baby started getting really fussy, and I just couldn't handle it. I stuck him in his crib and went in the backyard. Breathe in. Breathe out. I called the hubby to see when he would be home.

"About 5-10 minutes, honey."

Thank goodness!!! I went in. He was wailing in his room. I went into the garage to get some laundry out of the dryer. Went back in...still crying. I just couldn't handle it!

I went in the kitchen, turned the exhaust fan on and worked on the dishes. I sent the 6 yr old up to make sure that the baby wasn't injured or anything. She came back down to report. "He seems to be fine, but he sounds awful!"

The 4 yr old started whining, so I sent her up to her room. (Although I felt as if I was going crazy with no good explination of why, I didn't scream at them.) Hubby made it home and all three kids were okay. Whew! The baby had fallen asleep. The girls came downstairs and we all had dinner. The baby woke up. DH took him and put the girls to bed while I did the dishes from dinner. I'm feeling a little better, but still kinda weird. Good thing babies are so forgetful (or forgiving...not sure which one). My son greeted me with a huge smile when I finally sat down to watch American Idol. Good thing tomorrow is another day.

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Suzi said...

Hang in there sis...tomorrow is a new day! Love you!