Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mean Mommy!

We were out today, checkin' out garage sales as usual. Nothing to write home about, but we got a small 16 gallon tank and a pair of jeans for the boy. I had a $10 off coupon at Lowe's burning a hole in my pocket, so we stopped there and got some weed & feed and a few other thingamajigs for the hubby to build his filtration system for the 110 gallon tank.

The hunger bug started to bite, so we stopped at Taco Cabana. YUM!!!!! As we were finishing our chicken flautas, the dark gray skies that had been threatening all morning decided to dump their buckets all over us right as we were leaving. I'm not sure what was in that rain, but it irritated the heck out of my 4 (almost 5) year old. She decided that it was her turn to sit by the baby and wasn't going to take no for an answer. Hubby decided to let the girls play Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who was going to get the coveted next-to-the-baby seat. Round 1: Scissors & Scissors. Round 2: Rock & Paper. The 6 yr old won. B lost it.

The whining was relentless! The threat of time-out wasn't working. Okay. Let's try the threat of a spanking. Nope. Didn't stop the squealing. Hmmmmm...what was a mother to do? I couldn't continue driving in the pouring rain with a kid that wouldn't stop the pouting and whining. There was only one solution: If she didn't stop, she would have to walk home. Yes, I'm a mean mommy. But I figured that with the threat of having to walk home in the rain (we were probably a mile or two from home), that she would surely stop. Nope. Not my girl. I had made the threat, and now I had to stand behind it. So I pulled over in a parking lot and my husband got out and opened her door.

"Are you going to stop crying?" he asked.

"I can't! Maybe if I have a drink of water I can stop."

We get her some water.


We all look away. She just sits there, not drinking, still whining and crying.

"Okay, let's go," my husband says.

He grabs the kid and they start walking. Lucky for them the rain had turned into a light drizzle. He motions for me to meet him and her further down the parking lot of the shopping center. I drive around the corner and wait for a few minutes. I call because I don't see them walking anywhere. I call my hubby and they had proceeded down the sidewalk and had already gone past me & the other kiddos waiting in the car. She still wasn't finished crying. I was to meet them further down the road.

They cross a very busy road (I tried to take a pic with my phone, but it didn't turn out), and keep on going. I pull into an apartment complex parking lot to wait for them. When they finally make it to us, she has stopped crying. Finally! It only took walking half a mile in the drizzling rain.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!

Because I got 34 bottles of Vive Pro shampoo & condition for FREE using my coupons! Woohoo! ($170 value, but who's counting?)

Crazy Woman Driver

Yes, I confess...I am a crazy, woman driver. Normally my craziness takes the form of agressive driving with an occasional, alright, constant lead foot. But yesterday, I didn't even have to leave my house to get in touch with my crazy side. BONUS! Well, not really. I was backing my huge, gas-guzzling SUV out of my not so huge garage and in my attempts to avoid hitting my friend's car, which was parked in my driveway, I clipped the rearview mirror.
Maybe "clipped" isn't the right word because the mirror part was severely cracked and was left dangling from its home and leaking some sort of liquid. (Still not sure what the heck it was). In my haste to make it to the school in time for pickup, I grabbed the first tape I could find, which happened to be blue painter's tape, and stuck the scarred mirrored back in its home and bandaged it with a couple of strips. Who knew I was certified in rearview mirror first-aid?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm not dead

I've been out of town and I'm trying to stay off the computer. So I'll try and blog later today. Gotta clean up the mess from our weekend away....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


We came home this weekend and found feathers under the table. How they got there... I'm sure it was Harry Potter (my hunter-wannabe cat). We have not found the bird that the belong to though. I just hope it's not hidden in my house somewhere.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Garage Saling

As a family tradition, we have always enjoyed going to local garage sales on Saturday mornings. And let me tell you, we live in the BEST area for garage sales! Great stuff...dirt cheap! One of the local neighborhoods had their community garage sale this past weekend and we cleaned up! We got some baby clothes for the boy. The best deal was this awesome fish tank!

We used to have a bunch of fish tanks. It all started back in college with a 5 gallon tank from the pawn shop. It got us hooked! At one time, we had at least 5 tanks going at once. The largest one that we ever had was a 135 gallon tank. We got rid of them, one by one.

So we have been tankless for about a year or so. My husband has been saying for a long time, "If I find a 90 gallon, I'm getting it!" Well, we stumbled across this beauty of a tank. It wasn't a 90 gallon, but a tall 110 gallon tank. Even better. This sucker is HUGE!

It's 4 feet long, 18 inches wide and 30 inches deep. It was deep enough for the girls to have a little swim in. Baby G had fun watching. I think we'll do a salt water tank. My hubby is going to be building all the filters and stuff which he is very excited about, hunting around the house for the perfect containers.

We are going to be putting it in our entry way. Should look very nice. We're excited to get it up and running.

Happy Mother's Day!

Going out to all the moms out there! Today has been nice. I got to sleep in until 10am. I tried and tried, but couldn't sleep any longer. I got up, and took a shower UNINTERRUPTED!!!! The girls had made me cards...SO cute! They got me a TON of different chocolates as well. We hung out for a little bit then went to church. Had to take K home early because she was running a low fever. We just hung out the rest of the day. Hope everyone had a great day!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Why do I blog?

Today....because I'm avoiding doing the dishes.

Guess I'm Busted

One of the shows that I LOVE is Miami Ink. It absolutely fasinates me. I am tat-free, but I just can't get enough of Miami Ink. The art of it amazes me.

So I'm sitting here Friday morning watching this week's episode (gotta love the DVR) and my 4 year old daughter says, "I wish daddy had one of those!" I pause the show and I have to go into a whole schpill of how we are not supposed to get tattoos and that daddy will never get a tattoo.

"But you can just wash it off," she argues.
"No, honey. You can't wash them off. Tattoos never come off."
"But K (my 6 year old) had a monkey one that washed off."
"Well, that was just a pretend tattoo, not a real one. Do you want to watch Dora?"
"No. I want to watch this (Miami Ink)," she says.

Like mother, like daugther I guess.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Chicken Poop

My friend ran into the store to get a couple things and came out with a Dr Pepper (my fav) and Chicken Poop. Yep. That's right. Chicken Poop! I kid you not! It's lip balm called Chicken Poop. Why? Why would you think that calling lip balm Chicken Poop is a good idea? Who would want to put chicken poop on their lips?

Well, my brave friend, who shall remain anonymous for her own good, decides that she will try out the Chicken Poop and put it on her lips. YUCK! It was no good according to her. I smelled it, but I would NOT put it on. It smelled gross. Not as gross as real chicken poop, mind you, but gross enough that I knew not to put it on my lips.

On careful examination, I found that the label on the Chicken Poop was WAY funny. Here's what it says:

"100% pure free range CHICKEN POOP lip junk. put put it on your lips.

ingredients: soybean oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, sweet orange oil.

contains no poop.

all-natural cosmetic moisturizer. for external use only.

a product of kansas.

warning: the safety of this product has not been determined."

Is it just me or does the warning at the end worry anyone else? I think I'll just laugh at the packaging of the Chicken Poop and let it stop there. No Chicken Poop on my lips!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How to scare a baby

My friend Brenda was so kind to watch my kids yesterday afternoon so I could get ready for a meeting that evening. I went to pick them up and Baby G was sleeping. We chatted for a little bit, waiting for him to wake up. He woke up and I picked him up. He looked at me with a very confused look on his face. He studied my face for few seconds and broke out in full-blown wails? Was I really that scary? I had my hair down, I had a little make-up on, and I didn't have my glasses on. I pulled him close so he could hear my voice. Still no luck. Brenda came and got him, and he immediately stopped crying. What the heck?!?!?! Then we quickly realized...he didn't recognize me! While Brenda was holding him, she pulled a rubber band out of her hair and gave it to me. I pulled my hair back and then took the baby back. There was mama! He recognized me again. He's seen me with my hair down. He has seen me with my glasses off. He has seen me with make-up on. But I guess never all 3 at once. Way to over do it muggle!