Sunday, May 13, 2007

Garage Saling

As a family tradition, we have always enjoyed going to local garage sales on Saturday mornings. And let me tell you, we live in the BEST area for garage sales! Great stuff...dirt cheap! One of the local neighborhoods had their community garage sale this past weekend and we cleaned up! We got some baby clothes for the boy. The best deal was this awesome fish tank!

We used to have a bunch of fish tanks. It all started back in college with a 5 gallon tank from the pawn shop. It got us hooked! At one time, we had at least 5 tanks going at once. The largest one that we ever had was a 135 gallon tank. We got rid of them, one by one.

So we have been tankless for about a year or so. My husband has been saying for a long time, "If I find a 90 gallon, I'm getting it!" Well, we stumbled across this beauty of a tank. It wasn't a 90 gallon, but a tall 110 gallon tank. Even better. This sucker is HUGE!

It's 4 feet long, 18 inches wide and 30 inches deep. It was deep enough for the girls to have a little swim in. Baby G had fun watching. I think we'll do a salt water tank. My hubby is going to be building all the filters and stuff which he is very excited about, hunting around the house for the perfect containers.

We are going to be putting it in our entry way. Should look very nice. We're excited to get it up and running.


Mugglemom's mom said...

Wow, you would never find anything like that in a garage sale here in Utah...way to score big time! That tank will look great in your entry way with Dorie and Nemo swimming in it, but they will be a hard act to follow with those cute girls playing in the tank!
Love, Mom

Suzi said...

That tank is HUGE!! It is as big as my kitchen!

Emily said...

I never knew a fish tank could be so versatile! That looks like a blast. You'll have to post pics of the finished product--way to score!