Friday, May 11, 2007

Guess I'm Busted

One of the shows that I LOVE is Miami Ink. It absolutely fasinates me. I am tat-free, but I just can't get enough of Miami Ink. The art of it amazes me.

So I'm sitting here Friday morning watching this week's episode (gotta love the DVR) and my 4 year old daughter says, "I wish daddy had one of those!" I pause the show and I have to go into a whole schpill of how we are not supposed to get tattoos and that daddy will never get a tattoo.

"But you can just wash it off," she argues.
"No, honey. You can't wash them off. Tattoos never come off."
"But K (my 6 year old) had a monkey one that washed off."
"Well, that was just a pretend tattoo, not a real one. Do you want to watch Dora?"
"No. I want to watch this (Miami Ink)," she says.

Like mother, like daugther I guess.


Z. Marie said...

When I was in Miami a few weeks ago, someone at our conference mentioned that they'd wanted to get a tattoo at the Miami Ink parlor but that it's booked weeks in advance. I managed to keep from launching into a lecture about how people shouldn't have tattoos ...

Matthew said...

You know I love that show too! Reading this latest entry reminded me of a funny dream I had the other night. I was on some kind of field trip with my son's kindergarten class and his teacher was giving everyone tattoos. I specifically remember her giving Olivia a tattoo of a star on her wrist. It was so real that I woke up with the sickest feeling, "What have I done?". I blame Miami Ink for this dream!