Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Prayer for Brittany

The following was written by a friend. She captured my feelings about Brittany and the sad situation. I hope she doesn't mind me borrowing her words. This little girl lives in my community as well:

There is a young girl in my community named Brittany who has cancer. After a really long struggle and many miracles, she is not doing well. I have seen a community of people come together for this little girl through garage sales, fundraising, and many other things to help her family. She has not been feeling well today, and tonight, she was rushed to the hospital, suffering from dizziness, headaches and unbearable pain. The MRI did not look good. The tumor is growing. Despite everyone’s prayers, thoughts, support and neverending love, Brittany is quickly losing her battle. Tonight is not a good night for this family.

I really have no words that will do this situation justice. While my heart is breaking for this little girl and her family, I am also in awe at her strength and stamina and overall good attitude. Please take a moment to think about this family and send them some support, a thought, or a prayer. I cannot even imagine what they must be feeling at this horrible time.

Brittany's MySpace Page

We are also trying to get Oprah to help us hook up Brittany and Hannah Montana. If you would like to help, please copy the letter below and paste it on this form and send it to Oprah. Thanks!

***start letter***

Dear Oprah,
I am writing to you about a little girl I have never met. But she is the reason I hug my own children tighter and kiss them that extra 2 or 3 times at night. Her name is Brittany and she is in the fight of her life right now. She has a malignant, inoperable, uncurable brain tumor. Her condition has recently become worse and her doctors have stopped her chemotherapy. Her family has been told that they need to take her home and love her. How do you do this knowing what it means in the end? I know about Brittany and her family through a community website in our city - Kingwood, TX. The community has come together in many efforts to help this family, mostly as fundraisers to help with the financial burden that has been placed on them. Everyone wants whatever time Brittany has left to be special and filled with events that will give her family wonderful memories. Brittany would love to meet Hannah Montana. If there is any way your show could make this happen for her, it would mean more than you can ever imagine. God bless you and the work you do for so many.
You can go to Brittany's website www.prayforbrittany.org


(your name)

***end letter***

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Miles from Montana said...

Hello! Thanks for the info! I e-mailed Oprah, Tyra, Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper, (I tried Montel-no e-mail), The View, and Regis and Kelly! Hope this helps!