Thursday, June 14, 2007

Something fun

I found this little questionnaire on another blog and thought it would be fun to answer. Plus, I'm not feeling too creative today. So here it goes:

1. How old is your blog? signed up in Jan 2007, but didn't start posting until March 2007

2. How would you categorize your blog? The ramblings of an ADD lady???

3. How did you come up with the name and design of your blog? I feel that my life is small, hence "my little life". The description I actually borrowed (with permission, thank you) from a friend that had used it in her link to my blog because it was better than what i had before

4. Do you lie in your blog? nope.

5. Are you passive-aggressive in your blog? i don't feel that i'm passive-aggressive in anything. why start in a blog?

6. Do you ever threaten to quit? no. i'm still enjoying it a ton!

7. Have you deleted any of your own posts? Why? only one. it was funny, but maybe not the most appropriate thing to post

8. Do you delete mean comments? Luckily I haven't had any mean comments yet. But if i did get a mean comment, i would probably delete it. i don't like negativity.

9. If your readers knew you in person, would they like you more or like you less? i'm not sure. i feel that i'm funnier on the web than in person, but i'm still a really fun person in real life. guess you'd have to ask those that know me in person. :)

10. How many blogs do you follow? Maybe about 15 or so. i love catching glimpses into other people's lives.

11. Which blogger do you want to meet in real life? i'd like to meet lone sophist (i do know her sister). and i'd love to meet zoot. both are very talented writers.

12. Does your family read your blog? i think so. suzi (my sis) is the only family member that comments regularly. my mom and other sis, alli, comment occasionally...hint, hint. if there are any of my other family members reading, you better start leaving comments!

13. Do you have a hit counter? counters

14. Is blogging narcissistic? Somewhat. (okay, i admit, i had to look up narcissistic). I think that it's a great opportunity to brag, whine, rejoice, cry, whatever, just to get it all out.

15. Do you feel guilty when you don't post for a long time? way guilty! that's probably prideful, but i feel like i'm letting people down.


Anonymous said...

are you sure about #8?

Anonymous said...

you might have to fix #4

Muggle's Mom said...

I feel pressure to leave 'blog worthy' comments each time I read your blog. I love reading your blog and the kids blog as well. It makes me feel like you aren't so far away!
I think your personality comes across just fine in your blog so people who don't know you wouldn't be surprised when they met you in person.
Love you oodles!!

Allison said...

Sister, you say that you don't lie in your blog, but I must say that is not true. I DO comment on your blog...maybe not as much as Suzi does, but I leave a comment a week maybe. = ) I love you and your little family.

Muggle Mom said...

hey now! where do i lie in my blog? ;)

Zootenany Hoodlum said...

thanks for the nod! I find blogging so very unifying. It's cool, eh?

trish said...

I can't wait to meet you, too! We need to all get together for lunch one day soon. Or meet up at the Harry Potter midnight showing!