Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Movie Memory

I'm sitting here watching Karate Kid and remembering the impact it had on me as a child. Thanks to Karate Kid, I knew how to catch a fly with chopsticks; heal a sore shoulder or knee by simply rubbing my hands together; train to be a karate champion...wax on, wax off; hit extra hard with the Daniel-son karate hand--fingers curled in like a sign language "e"; and you knew you could knock Johnny's lights out with "the kick!"


Emily said...

Wow. Another great movie--you're on a roll! I thought Ralph Macchio (sp?) was so hot when I was a kid. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Elena said...

Two of my favorites. I just saw your mom at Walmart (I absolutely hate Walmart) and she told me about your Axe Murderer entry. Got me in the mood to watch it and so I tried to buy it. And guess what...Walmart has an everything in the world that you would never need, but they don't have Axe Murderer. I've got to quench my craving. The clips just teased me. By the way, your mom looks great. It was awesome seeing her.

Allison said...

You never caught a fly with chopsticks...don't kid yourself! Although, I can't dispute your MAD karate skills. = ) Love you sis

Spencer said...

I hope my kids like that movie someday. It's a good one.

My favorite quotes:

"Sweep the leg!"
"Get him a body bag!"