Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Weekly Grocery Successes

It was a pretty great week for shopping. Here's the breakdown:

Store #1
WAY too many items to list, BUT I bought 76 items.
Original Total: $152.93
Actually Paid: $10.92 93% savings
I had $34.15 off in coupons, plus I had a gift card with a balance of $42.38. I got the gift card by filling 2 prescriptions at the store pharmacy. They will match competitor's coupons, so I got a $60 gift card. Nice!

Store #2
Original total: $122.60
Actually Paid: $78.83 36% savings
Now, you know that's not a great percentage but wait! With my qualifying purchases, I earned 2 free movie tickets & a $25 gift certificate to the store of my choice. Sweet!


Matthew said...

Okay, you need to let me in on your GG secrets. I love playing so far, but I can't imagine saving as much as you do. Does it just take awhile? Did this all happen at CVS? I just took them off my list, because it thought they were kind of complicated and the sales were on different days then the rest of the stores on my list. Maybe I just need more patience...

Muggle's Mom said...

Oh, my goodness! I'm feeling the rush just reading of your incredible savings!! You go girl!
Love, Mom

Miles from Montana said...

YOU Rock!!!!!!

Allison said...

How the crap do you do that????

Muggle Mom said...

pretty good. huh?