Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A day in the sun

I've always had trouble falling asleep. And not too long ago, I found out that I have ADD and that insomnia is a sign or whatever you want to call it, of ADD. So for years, I've been taking Tylenol PM or more recently just the PM part (or benadryl) to help me fall asleep. Once I'm asleep, I'm asleep! But lately, I just can't seem to fall asleep....even with the aid of medication. It's quite frustrating, especially when you have a 7 month old baby that will more than likely wake up at least once or twice in the night due to a misplaced pacifier, and that your four year old is prone to bad dreams and wakes up crying almost every night. VERY frustrating.

So today, we spent 6 hours at our local pool, basking in the warmth of the sun. The girls had fun splashing around with their friends. Baby G had fun peeing on me. (Those swim diapers don't absorb it in case you were wondering). It was a good day. I love the pool. I got a little color on my pasty whiteness. Tomorrow we'll see if it's more of a pinkish hue or a brownish hue.

After spending all day in the sun, I'm hoping that I will just crash like my kids. If not, I might have to splurge and get a 2x4. That'll do the trick for sure!

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