Monday, July 2, 2007


My sister arrived very late on Friday night. Saturday morning, my sweet husband packed up the car (including a wheelless trailer) with all of our stuff. The sis was convinced it was the whole house, but I know for a fact it was not the whole house. But travelling with kids, and especially a baby means packing a TON of junk!

We left just in time to grab a few breakfast tacos before they stopped serving them and hit the road. We hadn't even left the city limits when we faced the ominous black stormy skies. We pulled over and jammed everything that was on the wheelless into the SUV. Not an exit later, the sky began to fall. Did we have good timing or what?!?! Luckily, the storms were patchy and we didn't have to travel in a constant rain. We made it to Dad's house intact. Now it's time to par-tay!


Barlow Family said...

YUCK! Sorry you had to drive in it. : (

Muggle Mom said...

Man! You're quick on the comments! See you later today! :)

Muggle's mom said...

Hope you have a ton o fun!! Say hi to Shamu for me...great days at Sea World for sure! Know the kids will have a blast there for sure.
Love, Mom

Allison said...

I miss you guys and wish I could be down there to share in some sisterly fun! Make sure John hasn't brainwashed my kids and give them a big hug for me! =P