Thursday, July 26, 2007

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Today, that saying applies to me. After dropping the girls off at Vacation Bibile School, I thought I would check out the Grand Opening of our new Palais Royale. Nothing spectacular, but I did get a free cook book for being one of the first customers. As me and Baby G were leaving, this tiny kitten comes flying out from inbetween the cars in the parking lot. A lady comes by and says, "A car almost hit that kitten!"

Well, being the good samaratian that I am, I decided I would save the kitten from being squished by a car and take it to a vet so they could take it and find it a home. The little kitten was FREAKED OUT hissing and stuff at me. With the help of the lady, we kinda corned the kitten and I went to grab him. (Yes, it's a him. I checked.) The thing went CRA-RAZY!!!!!!! It bit and scratched me like I was trying to torture it. I got it into a hold so the damage would cease. The lady ran into the store to see if they had an empty box that we could put the cat in. So as someone is going to fetch a box, I'm holding this crazy kitty in front of a store with a baby in a stroller. Let's just say, I got quite a few strange looks. The nice lady returned with a box and we got the kitten secured in the box.

I got Baby G loaded up in the car and then put the box in the car. We headed over to the nearest vet's office to hand the kitten over. En route to the vets, I had to call the hubby of course to let him know what was going on. Being the sweet and concerned man that he is, he started to flip. "Did it bite you? Do you think it has rabies? Don't surrender the animal to anyone! We have to have it checked for rabies! There was a cat on the news that had rabies a few days ago!"

Rabies? Man! Should have thought of that before I decided to play the role of animal rescuer. So I get the vet's and tell them what happened. They can't take the animal, but told me "You need to get to a doctor right away if it bit you! Cats have all sorts of nasty bacteria in their mouths and you could get a serious infection!"

Dang! I just can't win!

So they give me directions to the nearest animal shelter that can quarantine the cat for rabies observation. I check my watch. I'm pretty sure I have enough time to get over there, drop off the cat and get back to pick up the girls from VBS. As I'm driving, I call the hubby again. "Honey, can you check the shelter website to make sure they are open?"

"Tuesday thru Saturday 1pm to 4pm."

It was 10am.

Turn around.

I get home and set up a place for the little guy to stay. Luckily (not really sure if I should call it that) we had a ferret cage. Don't ask...I know we have WAY too much crap! And no, we've never had a ferret. I attempt to coax the beast into the cage from the box with no luck. I grab one of hubby's leather gloves and grab him. This kitty is mean and WILD!!!! But no more wounds! Woohoo!

So now I'm waiting for my doctor's appointment to make sure I don't have rabies or some weird bacteria that lives in cats' mouths. And all I was trying to do was to save a little kitten from being hit by a car.

UPDATE: I went to the doctor and got a presciption for antibiotics and a tetnus shot. I think it was the least painful shot I have ever had. The nurse was really good. I barely even felt it. Although, I know my arm will be hurting in an hour or two. I also called animal control and filed a bite report. Now I'm just waiting for them to call me back, so I know what to do next.

UPDATE #2: Animal control came and picked the cat up. He will be in quarantine for 10 days to check for rabies. Then he can be adopted out. I got my meds and a $60 gift card to the supermarket (I filled them at the pharmacy there). I love prescription coupons! It's like free money!


Suzi said...

that is some serious drama!

Muggke's Mom said...

Wow, serious drama is correct! Glad to know you've been innoculated from who knows what and that the little kitty is where it can be observed to see if it is OK. By the way, how did you have time in all the biting, hissing drama to check to see what sex it was??!! Baby kitties aren't the easist thing to determine if they are a boy or girl. You are so observant!

Barlow Family said...

Wow, talk about drama. Glad that you're ok. I guess we all learned a lesson from this... well, ok, so we didn't, we'll still probably want to save poor little animals. : )

Miles from Montana said...

This summer and pets has been crazy! Good to hear that you got some meds.