Monday, August 6, 2007


I received a letter in the mail from Sprint (my cell phone provider). Normally, I just throw solicitations away. But for some reason, I opened this one and read it. It said that to thank me for my business I could receive a $100 credit for extending my contract for 2 more years. And if I called before September 14th, I would receive an additional $15. So I thought, why not? I call and see what this is about. So I call the provided number (877-217-3471) which did not count against my minutes (added bonus) and I asked about it. The nice girl said, "Sure! No problem! Let me put you on hold real quick while I apply that to your account."

After I was taken off hold, she informed me that since I had just renewed my contract in June, that I wouldn't have to extend it, but would still get the $100 credit to my Sprint bill. I couldn't believe it!

"So what you're telling me is that you'll give me $100 just for calling you?"

"Yes ma'am."


So I now have $115 credit on my Sprint bill just for calling a number off a little flyer. (You might try it too if you have Sprint).

After I cashed in on the cell bill, the fam and I headed over for a little Grocery Game shopping. I stocked up on Toaster Strudel, Eggos, Aquafresh and a few other goodies. My total before coupons and such:


I walked out paying


which is $67.19 savings.

Now I know you're thinking, Muggle, you've done better. But there is more my friend. With my qualifying purchases, I received $12.50 off my next shopping trip. AND I will receive $10 back in a mail-in rebate. So I actually made money on the deal. Not too shabby! Plus they had my favorite flavor of Toaster Strudel, Cinnamon Roll which I can rarely find.


Barlow Family said...

You must have used the Kellogs rebate. Good job! I have it cut but haven't used it yet. Last month I saved $20.14 on my total grocery bill, which for you is nothing, for me it's a pretty good day. : )

Allison said...

I admire you sister. Just getting to the grocery store is an effort for me...I don't think I could handle coupons and adds and all the cool stuff you do. You amaze me with your thriftiness.

Muggle's Mom said...

What a great day of provident living! I wish we had the Grocery Game here...I know I would get back into it (using coupons). I love the Sprint story, usually most of us don't have good stories to tell about our cell phone providers! Way to rock!!
Love, Mom

Spencer said...

Toaster Strudels are awesome! They are MUCH better than Pop Tarts.

Actually, I guess Pop Tarts have their role in life, too, like when you want to take some in the car for the kids without having to worry about warming them up first. Plus you can store them in the pantry and don't have to use the freezer.

So I guess I should say Toaster Strudels TASTE much better than Pop Tarts, if you have a freezer and toaster handy.

(And speaking of Toaster Strudels, my wife and I approach the frosting from different perspectives. She carefully dispenses the frosting to create pretty designs, whereas I just squirt it all on and smooth it around with a knife. Either way, they are delicious.)