Friday, August 24, 2007

A Break in the Boredom

So I was brave and took the kids to the zoo today. BY MYSELF!!!! They were actually very good except for asking about 20,000 times (this is NOT an exaggeration) to do the flattened souvenir penny. So here is a slide show (turn the volume up - thanks High School Musical 2) of our day at the zoo and our pool party afterwards.

(And let's not forget that after stopping for some oh-so-delicious breakfast tacos and a HUGE Dr. Pepper, I spilled the Dr. Pepper all over myself. Nice. I had to turn around and go change. It was that bad.)

PS-I LOVE my Mac! I made the slide show in no time at all. So fun!


Anonymous said...

Me and the kids loved the slide show! I can't believe how grown up all of your kids look (Have I been gone that long?) Oh and don't even get me started on the love I feel for the music from Highschool musical 2! Jess

Barlow Family said...

May I say, Glad that was you at the zoo and not me. We went last Sat and it was so hot. Looks like you had a ball though.

PS I love the hairline, Cameron had that too. : )

trish said...

OK, I admit that I have always loved to do the flattened penny, so I cannot complain when my kiddo always begged to do it. We always flattened pennies on every family vacation in Stuckey's far and wide.

The Nana said...

Loved the slide show and all the great shots. Indeed it looks like y'all had a great time at the zoo! Thanks for letting us enjoy it with you in the comfort of our Air Conditioned home!!