Monday, August 6, 2007

A work in progress

So now that we got the giagantic tank, we of course have to make over the room it's going to be in. So it'll be going from a playroom into a more formal living/sitting room. Here are some kind of before pictures. We had to paint the wall behind the tank first so we can move it into the right place and start setting it up. We're painting it a steel blue. It's coming out very nicely. The girls and Harry Potter (our cat) are even helping.


Allison said...

I heart your kids. The girls look so cute! Bring them to Utah please....and hurry up!

Suzi said...

love the color and the girls are so cute. you know I don't like that cat.

Muggle's Mom said...

You girls crack me up! Hey, the color looks great! I agree with Allison, you need to come to Utah for a visit! Sorry I missed the post earlier. Love, Mom