Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A long overdue grocery blog

I haven't blogged in awhile about my grocery shopping. Shame on me! I've had a great couple weeks shopping with the GG. Last week, I got about $250 worth of groceries for around $65. (I can't find the receipts, or else you know I would be posting exact amounts. BUT I do have the receipts from shopping today and they are

Store #1
Total: $65.27
Paid: $18.86
Saved: $46.41 (71%)

Store #2
Total: $168.48
Paid: $0.00
They paid ME: $16.90

So, all in all, I got $233.75 for $1.96. Definitely one of my best trips.

And here is a link for a $5 rebate with a purchase of 2 Lysol products and a visit to the pediatricians office:



JKS said...

Thanks for the link... I put it on my site. Wow... you're a blogger to be admired. And how in the heck did you save that much on groceries. They're paying you!?! You'll have to expand that blog, I want to hear more.

Hope all's well.


Debbie said...

Holy cow girl! That is awesome savings!! How did your class go on the Grocery Game when you taught it a couple of weeks ago? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have grocery shopping experiences like that, I'm giddy for your success!!!
Love you!

Beka said...

Well, you know you did great, I don't even have to say it. I've only gotten money back once, but it was great!! Good job, I've got to keep working at it.

Stewartville est. 1995 said...

yazow...i love saving money too!!!

Warren's Blog said...

Teach me! Teach me! I love to save money at the gocery store!

Nancy fancy pants said...

Are you kidding me? That's amazing! I can't believe it. I've never heard about something like before. For sure share more!
I'm in on grociery tips!

Lewis said...

Love to shop at Safeway store for groceries....!

Nicki said...

First off.. This forum is a huge help!! Thanks so much!
Has anyone else heard of this Supermarketmoms.com site...? I went to it and the site just sais coming soon but I read an article last wekk that they are going to to be like a live feed of all the items that go on sale at your local grocery store? with recipes of ingredients all on sale..? The author of the article or blog or what ever it was, said it is going to change the way everybody grocery shops, pretty big statement if you ask me. I guess the local store has to be on board and I want to know if my local stores are getting involved in this. I can't find the article anymore and I am desperately trying to find out some more info on them.. if anyone knows anything at all about this can you please post it for me..?