Thursday, September 20, 2007

Save it for the bathroom

I was going to be productive today. I woke up early (6:15am), got dressed, made the kids breakfast, packed their lunches, loaded them in the car, took the girls to school, and headed out to get me some breakfast tacos & Dr Pepper at Taco Cabana. (Yes, I know I have a problem!)

After I grabbed my breakfast, I went to get the car inspected. Got to the car place, and went rummaging through my car to find my insurance. No where to be found. Crap! And then I remember, I took it out to get the car registration last month. It's probably at home on the counter. So, me, Bubba Chubs and the tacos start heading back home. I get stuck at a red light and realize that I have my coupon notebook with me. Hey, it wouldn't hurt to check in there to see if I had put the insurance card in there when I was cleaning. Lo, and behold, there is the insurance card squished inbetween all my coupons. Time for a U-turn!

I get back to the car place (where you get a free car wash and vacuum with the inspection), and unload Chubs. We go into the waiting room where some are looking out the window, waiting for their car, some are reading magazines, and some are messing around with their phones. And then I have to do a double take. There is a lady (probably in her 50s, but hasn't aged well), staring into a medium-sized hand held mirror applying her make-up.

I know you're thinking, "Muggle, there's really not anything too odd about someone applying make-up in public."

But wait, I'm not talking about a lipstick touch up or a dab of the powder to remove a bit of shine. I'm talkin' the whole shabang! She has a plastic shoe box container filled with all her make-up. She's applying coverup, foundation (the wrong color and WAY too much), powder, blush, eye-liner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, and probably more stuff that I'm forgetting. You would have thought that this lady was about to go on stage with the amount of make-up she was piling on. And I saw her before she had applied anything and she looked much better. She had all her paraphernalia sprawled out all over the waiting room coffee table. She was getting a full detail on her car and herself! Way to multitask!

So leaving with a newly inspected, shiny, clean car, I was ready to get on with my day. I met up with a few friends to chat and then headed home to put the baby down for a little nap before we had to go visiting teaching. He fell asleep quickly and I got to catch up on my blog reading and my KU. It was time to get him up and head out the door when my phone rang. The school nurse. Dang it! K vomitted at school. YUCK! So I had to cancel visiting teaching and had to go pick her. Poor thing!

We get to the school to pick her up and the nurse tells me that a lot of the kids in her grade have been coming down with the same thing. Ugh! I get her home and get her set up with a movie, Sprite and some saltines. I'm hoping this is a quick moving bug. I also hope that the other kids don't get it...or me for that matter.


Nancy fancy pants said...

I hate "those" kind of days! I hope the throw-up things doesn't spread to everyone in the fam. That would be the worst!

Stewartville est. 1995 said...

vomit makes me vomit....great story. WHAT A DAY!

Debbie said...

A car safety inspection with a car wash and vacuum??? Breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana??? Oh my, I'm missing Texas today!!!
Hope little K gets to feeling better quickly and it doesn't spread to your other kids.

Elena said...

TC - you're making me jealous! I'm sorry that K is sick. I hope it is a quick one for everybody's sake. I miss my Taco Cabana. Oh, and somebody told me recently that the Dr. Pepper is better in Texas because they use cane sugar or something and that you can only get it in Texas. Maybe that's why it's so popular there.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am also missing taco cabana, enjoy it for me! "Makeup lady" made me laugh, because I know she's going to walk out the door and it's all going to melt off anyway... I hope K gets better soon! Jess

megan said...

Mmmmm....breakfast tacos.

Miles from Montana said...

At least she wasn't applying while driving!!!!!!