Monday, September 17, 2007

TAG! I'm IT!

Thanks Susie for tagging me! Now I have to think. :P So here are seven, yes 7 random things about me. Yes, it is your lucky day!

1. I would much rather clean toilets than sweep and mop. (Or I can just NOT do both of them!)

2. I can get out almost any stain in the laundry.

3. One year, a lucky year, I won $1000, $2000 and $5000! The $1000 was from a TV show and the $2000 and $5000 were from the same radio station.

4. I had my first cavity at age 26. (Still my only cavity).

5. I am thoroughly addicted to Dr. Pepper. I love it! It runs in my veins....literally, it does!

6. My ears don't match.

7. Like Susie, I could eat at Taco Cabana EVERYDAY and love every bite of it (with a Dr. Pepper of course!)

Now, who to tag? Hmmmmmmmmm....let me think.

1. Suzi
2. Julie
3. Megan
4. Stephanie
5. Beka
6. Misty (for your first blog)
7. Angela


Debbie said...

I remember your lucky year...that was something else! The Dr.Pepper thing is hopeless for you...I drank way too much of it when I was pregnant with you and then when I nursed you, it was my beverage of choice. I still love Dr.Pepper but gratefully don't drink so much anymore.
I didn't know you got a cavity! I still only have 3 cavities...2 are from baby teeth cavities that went into my molars...too poor when I was a kid to go to the dentist.
Love you! Mom

Stewartville est. 1995 said...

wow, you guys have really good teeth genes....mine suck!
i had to get a few permanent teeth pulled as a kid because my mouth was too small for all my big teeth.
i still have crowding probs....y'all are lucky duckies

Miles from Montana said...

School has started, I can tell by the blog! I will get tagged later tonight, when I am writing lesson plans for LAST week and THIS week! :) I've just got to find more people to TAG after me!