Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dishwashing wars

I've never really had a dishwashing soap preference. I've always just bought was was cheapest, usually the store brand. Then comes the Grocery Game, and I start buying name brand stuff, usually Electrasol and then some Cascade. So I have been using the Electrasol, either in tablet form or the gel in the bottle and it's been okay. This is dishwashing good can it be, right? And I've always been a pretty good pre-rinser anyways. I guess that is a habit that you form when you don't have the top-notch dishwashers.

So I had gotten some of the Cascade Action packs. I used a couple bags of them. Then I ran out and had a bottle of the Electrasol gel with Jet Dry. Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!! It sucks! It leaves those annoying little grainy remnants on everything when the cycle is done. It doesn't get anything that is remotely stuck on off. What the heck? So now I know that dishwashing soap does make a difference. Who knew!?!?!

Now what am I supposed to do with the 20 boxes of Electrasol tablets I have? (And don't you think that I am even exaggerating).


Debbie said...

Couldn't you put them up on ebay?! That would be a 'Buy it now" and be done with it! Good luck...thanks though for the tip. I didn't know there was a difference. I've used the Cascade for so long.
Loved talking to you and the girls this afternoon...miss you all!!!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem! For awhile, I thought something was seriously wrong with my dishwasher. Apparently some name brands are crap... Jess

Angela said...

I had no idea... I've always used the cheap stuff... I also rinse my dishes VERY well before I put the in the dishwasher :)

Brad said...

I don't even have a dishwasher...:(