Monday, November 5, 2007

Muggle's on the mend

Holy cow! What a week! I am feeling quite a bit better today, thank goodness! Who knew passing a stone could be so traumatic?!?! I'm almost caught up on laundry and the cleaning is WAY behind. Well, that's not really honest. The cleaning situation is pretty much what it always is.....non-existant. I like to try and blame it on not feeling well all week, but in reality, it's always like this. So who am I kidding?

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Debbie said...

Hey, don't worry about all that'll always be there for you. You just need to work on letting your body heal and get your strength back! I'll send you via email those tests to have the doctor run on you...take it easy!
On a different note, it's a busy birthday week for us...Chase today and baby G on Thursday! These grandkids sure are growing up quickly!!
Love ya! Mom