Saturday, November 17, 2007

I plead the Fifth!

I am a Super Mario lover. I have been since I played my very first Nintendo back in the 80's. I spent a lot of time as a kids mastering Super Mario Brothers. I could get through the whole game without warping. I think I even saved the princess without dying once one time. And the Turtle Tap! What a gem!!! Gotta love a TON of lives!

But I was old school Mario. I tried to play Super Mario 64 and got nauseous with the new 3D technology. I was also a teenager, much more interested in dating than playing video games. I missed the whole N64 and Gamecube phases. So when we got our Nintendo Wii, I was ecstatic that I could download my original Super Mario Brothers. I even was able to do the Turtle Tap again....check out the blog. What was even greater was their new Virtual Console release of Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels.

Well, Toys 'R' Us had a great deal on this new Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy. If you bought the game, you received a $25 TRU gift card. Not a bad deal at all. So I went and got my Super Mario Galaxy game, along with my $25 gift card. Then I went and got the new High School Musical Sing It game.  I wanted to check out the Super Mario Galaxy and see how to play it.  I am now addicted.  And the stupid Wii keeps a time log of how long you play each game.  I kid you not....I played for 7 hours yesterday!!!!  Not a solid 7 hours, but on and off (okay, mostly on) throughout the day.  I guess that would explain my sore thumb.  And I almost got busted when my oldest daughter got home from school.  I can't let them see it since it's for their Christmas present!!!  So if you haven't tried out the game, it is WAY fun and easy to learn.  You can play with 2 people where player 1 is the main player and player 2 is a helper.  Great excuse for me to play with my kids!  

Tonight, we're "testing" the High School Musical game.  And don't worry....I already know all the words.  


Brad said...

So I totally bought that game hoping Celeste will play it and fall in love with video games. I need a partner in crime, for Pete's sake! Unfortunately, she has a hard time with running and jumping on bad guys. It is nice that I can help her, but it's still an endeavor.

And I loved the game so much, I actually beat it tonight. What can I say, I'm addicted. :)

Elena said...

Yay! Big secret but the boys are getting a Wii for Christmas. Yesterday we bought Galaxy and The Bigs - both highly recommended. I never liked Nintendo and would get annoyed when friends would play at slumber parties. But, I know that my boys are going to love it. I'm glad that I can keep time - we're going to have a few rules. No 7 hour days for those boys.:)Have fun.

nancy said...

I was wondering if it was fun or not. It looks really fun. So thanks for the fun tips. I think we'll be getting it for Christmas.

Barlow Family said...

Too fun, Cameron would love it. Maybe next year. I know I'd get addicted. : )