Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm not feeling witty

So here is my grocery shopping report for the week.

Store #1:
Total: $94.02
Actually Paid: $23.02
Saved: $71.00 76%

(Would have been a little bit better, but I forgot to separate out my orders.)

Store #2:
Total: $109.02
Actually Paid: $0.00
Saved: $109.02 100%

So overall, would have been $203.04 and I only paid $23.04.

The only benefit of having a chronically sick kid is that you can get free money at the grocery store with prescription coupons. Kroger will accept competitor's coupons (like $30 CVS ones) and my Kroger will take them for ANY prescription. Nice. I know how to work it!


Anonymous said...

great savings. hope whoever is sick gets better. svs

Debbie said...

So who's the chronically ill child? Why don't I know about this? Great savings on the Grocery Game but do help me not feel like I don't know how my grandkids are. Thanks, Mom

Tracie said...

I am so jealous of all your savings. I am starting to hate my once beloved HEB! I did get use two CVS $25 coupons this week. Sick kids!