Monday, November 26, 2007


We had a nice Thanksgiving as a family. My father-in-law came down to visit and we loved spending time with him. I cooked up a mean Thanksgiving feast. (You would have been proud, Mom!) I cooked my turkey in an oven bag and it came out delicious! The outside was crispy and brown and the inside was moist and delicious. I made Grandma's dressing, and it came out well too. Pumpkin pie, brownies (FIL's request), turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (only eaten by me), and rolls.

The girls have been singing some really cute Thanksgiving songs. I need to record them and post them. They crack me up!

Baby G has learned how to have a temper. And let me tell you, I don't like it! He is throwing a fit at every little thing! He gets upset and then likes to drop his head to the floor. If he's really mad, he won't control it and give his head a good ::BONK::, just to aggrivate the crying. When he remembers that it hurts when he plops his head down, he'll do it slowly or pound is legs up and down. (All done in a sitting position). I guess my sweet baby is gone...welcome to terrible twos (11 months early!)


meredith said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! It's nice to spend it with family. My parents came down, as well as my brother and his family. We spent a lot of time on Thanksgiving packing b/c we're moving on Thursday. We packed as a family!!! Poor G... Just doesn't know how to control his temper yet.. My youngest held his breathe until he turned blue.. Scary, until I got use to it!!!

Debbie said...

Oh so glad to hear you had a great meal and time together! Can't imagine where that boy gets a temper from!!! Can hardly wait to see everyone next week!!
Love you! Mom

Allison said...

See, SEE! No one believe that Chris used to be mellow like G..well, he was, WAS being the operative word. Then he found his rage and it has all been downhill from there. Where a one year old finds his inner rage, I don't know, but my kid certainly found his. Hopefully G's is a phase...I am still waiting for Chris to grow out of his "attitude" phase...he is 6 now.

Nancy fancy pants said...

oooooh! augh! gotta love those fits. I don't look forward to them with my twins!!!!!!!
it's bad enough with one baby!