Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Speedy Virus

I had about an 8 hour virus yesterday afternoon. Me and a couple friends spent the morning sorting through a TON of donations for a needy family, I went in to eat some lunch and it hit me. You know when you get that hot/cold fever rush? That and the nausea. Ugh!!! Luckily, the girls were home from school and took care of me and the baby until my husband could get home. I'm just glad it was a quick moving bug.

I feel like I have a thousand things going on right now. I think my head might explode!!!! I've been organizing relief effort for a mom and 6 kids that were fleeing from an abusive relationship when they were involved in a car accident, where the car burned down with all that they had in it. Our community has come through, once again. The response is amazing and humbling. My garage is full of clothing and toy donations for this family. We spent several hours sorting all the generous donations. We've been trying to find them a place to stay. This whole ordeal makes me so grateful for my wonderful husband and family.

***UPDATE*** Someone went down to the motel they are staying at and paid for the next few nights as well as the room next to them, so they will have plenty of room. There really are angels among us!!!!

And might I add how WRONG it is that it is the middle of DECEMBER and my A/C is running!


Stewartville est. 1995 said...

looks like some people don't want to be recognized...(hiding their face in the pic)

that's a good thing, because their glory will come later....


Muggle Mom said...

the shy one is my friend. lol!!! i was behind the camera. now that's the place to be!!!

Suzi said...

So cool that you are doing this for that family! And it is wrong that your AC is running-I guess that is the price you pay for TC anytime you want it.

Debbie said...

What a bunch of wonderful people you are connected to! I think in most people's hearts, they want to help generously, but so often, whoever it is that receives the help seems so detached from us, that we forget they are real people with real needs. When we have the opportunity to help and it's closer within our circle, I think greater blessings come. I think we become more empathetic, sympathetic, and more compassionate. I applaude your involement and of your community. For someone who needed help at one time in my life, I can tell you that that what is being done will have an impact on not only that family, but the givers as well. God bless you!
Love, Mom