Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I just don't get it

I have had several people over the last couple years tell me that they are amazed at how much I have it together for being so young. I am simply baffled by their comments! I feel like I have it anything BUT together. I guess I'm a good actress and didn't even know. Don't get me wrong....I'm not fake by any stretch of the word. I am genuine in all my words and actions. I just don't feel like I have my ducks in a row as much as it appear that I do. I'm not sure if it's because of the craziness of my ADD brain or what. Maybe I'm just having a Debbie Downer state of mind right now. On my favorite local message board, we were listing compliments of other members of the board (many of us know each other in real life). Here is what was said about me...not to brag or toot my horn, but to serve as reminders to me of my positive attributes.

  • ~Mugglemom~ Absolute heart of gold, there when you need someone to talk to. Plus how can you not love a muggle and someone who writes the BEST blogs ;)
  • muggle is sooooo nice and an easy person to talk to!!!
  • ...mugglemom...among others are all the best pals you could have when it comes to coupon networking AND they are all unbelieveably nice!
  • Mugglemom is extremely caring and helpful and fun to be around!
  • mugglemom - What can I say? I think you are awesome!
  • Mugglemom~ Awesome in all ways, especially for introducing me to the GG
  • MM has honestly became a dear friend to me
  • muggle is the best scrabulous player on facebook!
  • MM--- my hero
  • mugglemom is the sweetest cutest genuine girl
  • Mugglemom: need a spare coupon she has probably got it.
  • Muggs- She is a doll, with a heart of gold!!
  • Mugglemom-too cute for words. A good friend I would like to spend more time with
  • muggle: caring, sweet, and so very helpful
  • mugglemom- can get more people to sign up on a sign up thread
  • mugglemom- great GG teacher
  • Mugglemom... sweetheart...
  • Mugglemom-extremely generous and kind hearted
  • mugglemom - such a big heart and coupon Queen.
  • Mugglemom, she has excellent taste in books, and is loads of fun.
  • Mugglemom - always has a smile on her face and is sooo nice
  • Mugglemom- this little girl is the best. She is just to cute to put into words also..until you see baby chubs
  • Friends that I would like to get to know better: mugglemom
  • the following people have made me laugh or cry, have taught me something, have shown extreme kindness, have talent or made an impact on me in some way: ....mugglemom...
  • I haven't met anyone on KU that I didn't already know except for mugglemom. She's a very generous, compassionate, and kind hearted woman.
  • Muggle: shopper savey
  • Mugglemom, you are very nice and obviously very committed to any endeavor you take on. The world could use very many more of you. KU is fortunate to have you among us.
  • mugglemom- thank you for always being a good friend to everyone and for always posting in my threads.

    Allison said...

    Sister, you are an amazing woman. I am glad so many people realize this. I love you and wish we were closer. And maybe you don't feel like you have it together most days, but you are doing so much better than you think. You have three amazing, happy, vibrant children, a husband who adores you, a family who misses you so much that they are going to kidnap you and bring you here (seriously, I am the mistermind of the plan), and tons of friend that think you are great. You are kind and generous and always so quick to jump in when there is a need. And so much more. That is pretty put together in my book. I love you sister. You are awesome!

    Debbie said...

    I agree, I agree, I agree! Those comments are spot on about you and I don't know why you don't get it! You came with many of those qualities that your friends have commented on and you've been able to magnify what you came with and develope some new traits! Just keep being yourself and know that I'm helping Allison to get you here this summer...Alpine slide is calling!!!

    Debbie said...

    Oh, what's up with the purple background??

    Zootenany Hoodlum said...

    you know, you are pretty awesome. You're warm, aware, thoughtful, entertaining, spunky, and fun. To name but a few. I could go on at length. And from what do I know you? Not a lot, but you just come shining on through.

    In fact, you're a stunning human being.

    Muggle Mom said...

    thanks everyone! i don't know what my deal is lately! i'm usually very confident and such, but i just keep beating myself up. thanks for your sweet words. :)

    and don't like the purple?

    Debbie said...

    No, I don't like the purple too much. It sorta hurts my's worse with italics on this post. I think it's just another sign that I'm getting old!

    Allison said...

    Honestly sister, I love you and I LOVE your blog, but I have to go with mom on the purple thing. It is a little Barney-esque. Don't hate me!

    Muggle Mom said...

    is the mauve better or did you prefer the maroon?

    Debbie said...

    Lets go with the maroon if I can stop laughing!! Thanks for asking! The mauve isn't so good!

    meredith said...

    You always take the time out to help others. You are someone you can always count on. You are super fabulous!!

    Beka said...

    All of those comments are so true. It has been my pleasure to get to know you this last year and I'm so thankful for our friendship. You are a great person!!!