Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My first

I had my first video chat ever on Sunday night! My sister, Suzi, and I have tried to do it a few times, but we kept getting errors. But it finally worked on Sunday night! It was so cool to see her pregnant belly (and TOTALLY weird at the same time!) We made a date for us to chat again so my kids could see and talk to Aunt Suzi. So on Monday afternoon she chimed in. The kids LOVED it! B was too shy to get on camera, so she kept shoving a stuffed monkey in the way. Baby G thought it was the coolest thing EVER!!! I think he was more excited to see himself on the computer than Aunt Suzi. (Sorry girl!) It was really cute. He kept waving and signing "baby."

Technology is so wonderful! It is an amazing thing that we can keep in touch with such ease. Leave me a message if you are on any instant messengers. I'm on AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. :D


Debbie said...

Oh my, that would be so wonderful! I wonder if we have that capability on our computer...I'd never know. I'm so challendged technology wise (well, other things too!). I'll have to ask Geo if we have that...I would love to 'see' all of the kids and grandkids that are out of town. Sweet!

Barlow Family said...

We webcam Mike's parents and his Aunt. We've done it a couple times with cousins too, but not as much. It is way fun. Lauren also loves to see herself and also try to kiss the screen. Too fun.

Allison said...

What? WHHHAAAATT? My two sisters had a video chat? A whole chat that I wasn't invited to? You guys suck

Suzi said...

Oh Allison-don't be mad-I didn't know you could video chat. Now we can all start video chatting.

I just have to give my Mac a shout-out-everyone needs one-they are the coolest.

Prilla said...

So we have a webcam also and it is really nice since we have family spread out all over the country/world. It's awesome to talk to Aaron and his family as well as my parents. Adam has tried it but it hasn't worked out as well. We all have one in our family. I totally recommend it if family is spread out all over.

On another note...I'm so glad you got to see Suzi's cute pregnant belly cause the rest of us are being left out. :(