Monday, March 24, 2008

Isn't it ironic?

I thought of that Alanis Moresset song with the events of yesterday. Baby G has caught the nasty Rotavirus which totally sucks, but it's dealable. So with him exploding from both ends (trust me, it's not pretty), the laundry is piling up quick. And what does my washer decide to do? It dies. Dead. So for family night tonight, we're hitting the laundry mat and Lowe's to get a new washer & dryer.

I've added more pictures to the kids' blog, so don't forget to check them out: Muggle Kids

Here are a few more pictures from our trip to SA to visit my family.


Allison said...

Poor baby G! All I have to say is wash, wash, wash, and when you can't wash, hand sanitize. Rota is SOOOO contagious and if you aren't careful, your whole familia will be exploding at both ends. YIKES! I hope he gets better. Love you sis.

Debbie said...

Great pics! So sorry to hear about baby G...sure hope it doesn't spread to the rest of the famiy.
Is the dog growling or smiling at K? And that gash on baby G looks serious...he's having quite the time isn't he?
Love the sweatshirt that handsome brother of yours is wearing!!!

Prilla said...

Poor boy. We've had sickness throughout our house this last week as well.
Good to see Cousin Chris in the pics. He looks good.
What's up with B and the wristbands???

Anonymous said...

hey girl! sorry to read about baby G being sick :( and then that your washer died. what a week your already having. i hope today brings better things your way. :) i'll be thinking about ya.


Warren's Blog said...

Sorry about your washer. Come and take our Maytags! We are getting a front loader, so I wish we could find a good home for them. They work perfectly!
Also, I've gotta tell you, the Alanis Moresset song you are referring makes me cringe a little. There's very little of anything "Ironic" in her song. Most everything that happens in it is just a "bummer". In fact, you could call the song "Isn't it a bummer". Maybe she slept through English class that day.

meredith said...

Poor baby G, Poor you!! Did you end up getting a washer? I wished you lived closer because I have a brand new washer and dryer I'm not using. Hang in there!!

Beka said...

That sucks about your dryer and baby "G". Awesome about your brother being home, sorry I didn't get a guitar to you, he only had one for the X-Box. Talk to you later!

Julie said...

I hope the baby gets better soon! Carter got rotavirus last year, 10 days after Ian was born (and the day after my mom left!). Such a pain, but luckily no one else got it. Hang in there!