Monday, May 5, 2008

She made it!

My sweet, little B made it into the Spanish Immersion program at her school for next year! The program starts in first grade and goes all the way into high school. K is already in it, so we are very excited to continue the tradition. We have loved the program so far with K. I think B will do wonderfully in it as well. :) How do you like the picture she took of herself?


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Beka said...

That is awesome for her! I bet it will be so good. Tell her Congrats!

Debbie said...

Muy bien! Esta chica es muy bonita y muy inteligente!
Te amo,
La abuelita

I hope that was somewhat correct for those who do speak Spanish! It's been nearly 30 years since I've been in school so I hope I didn't say anthing too incorrect!!!

Allison said...

That is so cool. I wish they had something like that here.

meredith said...

That is awesome! What do they do in the Spanish Immersion program?

Muggle Mom said...

in the spanish immersion program, they basically take first grade in spanish. and that's how they learn the language. :)

Monica said...

Congrats, B!! And good Spanish, Debbie! :)