Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, I would like to say a "Happy Mother's Day" to my beautiful mother. She is an inspiration to me. She is constantly striving to improve herself and make her life and the lives of those around her better. She has such unwavering faith that I hope to even come close to one day. She is a very hard worker in whatever she is doing. I am eternally grateful to her for putting up with me for all of those crazy years. I don't think you can truly appreciate all a mother does until you walk in her footsteps. Thanks Mom for being a wonderful mother and friend. I love you!

PS-These are what your flowers were supposed to look like. Sorry FTD screwed it up. :(


Debbie said...

Ahhh, that was mighty sweet! Thanks for the wonderful sentiments and the picture of the flowers...they sooo did not look like that! Love you oodles!

The Torres Family said...

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful! It is so great to catch up with you again. Your kids are beautiful! It's so fun to see what they look like and see how you are doing. Congrats on #4 coming! Best wishes on feeling better. My #4 was the worst, by far, of all my pregnancies. But, oh so worth it!! Take care!