Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Way to go Adam!!!!

Whoa! What a fun night! One of my good friends, Adam (aka Spanky) was on Deal or No Deal tonight. He rented out a movie theater in San Antonio and we filled the house! We were all on the edge of our seats watching the show live. He ended up winning $263,000!!!!!!! So amazing!!!! Way to go Adam!!!


Debbie said...

I was at Chase's baseball game and recorded the home in time to see the last case open and the last offer. WooHoo! Went and watched it knowing how it would come out. That must have been sooo fun to be all grouped together watching it!
Way to go Adam! I'm so happy for he and his wife...what a fun time they had and what a blessing for their family!

Austin Baillio said...

that is so fun! a guy i go to school with had his wife go try out. she made it past the first round so they are hopeful she can make it on the show ;) Way to go winning all that cash! Get a good accountant and you can keep most of it ;)