Sunday, July 27, 2008

More SA trip pics

Most of our gatherings happen around eating.  Here we are at one of our favorites, Alamo Cafe.  Can you say "Sugar tortilla?"  YUMMY!!!!
The girls at Alamo Cafe.

Meeting cousins at Rudy's for lunch.
Smile Chris!  You're at Rudy's!
Dad grilled some delicious shisk-kabobs.  So yummy!!!!
My baby sis!  So what if I'm the poster child for pastiness?
Chubbs.  He loves the camera & seeing the pic after it's taken.


Suzi said...

Haha-I am doing a blog right now and used pretty much all of the same pics-I guess that is what we get for sharing! So much fun to see you guys!! Miss you!

Allison said...

Cute pics. I miss you guys.

Debbie said...

Man I'm hungry!! Those are some cute pictures of everyone!!

Beka said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. See you Friday!!!!!!

meredith said...

I love the Alamo Cafe! Its been so long since I've been there! I can't wait until I go to Texas in Feb!!!

Prilla said...

Looks yummy. I sure do miss Texas food.