Friday, August 29, 2008

Midnight Sun

For you Twilight fans, you'll know about Midnight Sun.  It's Twilight from Edward's perspective.  Well, Stephenie Meyer had published the first chapter on her website.  It just left me (and many other Twilighters) wanting more.  So she has promised that she will finish it and publish it at some point.  

Somehow, a rough draft was leaked and was being passed around on the internet.  In response, Stephenie decided to publish what she has written up to this point on her website.  It looks like its about half of the book.  You can read it here:

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Beka said...

Heck ya, thanks for sharing!

Kathleen Jackson said...

you were linked as of Monday and then by accident,I deleted them all and have spent the week trying to get the back and have forgotten what the links were. YOU ARE BACK.

meredith said...

I finally bought the book yeterday : )

Barlow Family said...

Oh fun, I'll have to check it out!