Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn Release

A group of us gals stormed the teen-scene of the Breaking Dawn release at our local Barnes & Noble. We had an absolute BLAST!!!!! 

Yara, my buddy.  :)
Brenda & Caryn showing us the Breaking Dawn stickers since they didn't have cool shirts.
Vampire Brides....Chili's Style
Beka, Yara & yours truly.  Check out the cool BD button that my sweet hubby picked up for me at Border's on his lunch break.  He does love me!  ;)
Sitting in line, anxiously awaiting midnight.
Sitting in line.  Check out my prego gut.  :)
Brenda had a little too much fun taking my picture.  But I liked this one and it's my blog so deal with it.  :P
Caryn having fun.
Another pic from Brenda.  Cradling the gut.
Caryn again.  We discovered early in the evening that she strangely resembled Stephenie Meyer...the author of the Twilight books.  
So we had to take pictures with our very own Stephenie Meyer look-a-like!

After we got our books and left the store, Yara reached in to get her book and was "bitten" by the book.  Literally...she had a nasty paper cut from the book.  It was so weird, but funny.
Can you see how excited we were?
Reading in the parking lot.  I made them read to me as I drove home.  Yep, I'm a mean friend.  

I stayed up that night until about 6am reading, read most of Saturday until my poor eyes couldn't take anymore, then finished Sunday night.  The book was had quite a few surprises.  I wish that there was a little more action, but it was still a great book.  (There is a new character who's name I cannot stand!  It drove me crazy every time I had to read it.  Ugh!)  


Julie said...

Are you talking about Renesmee? Yea, I didn't really like that name either. I agree on the lack of action and I also wish there was more Bella-Edward scenes. Check out my blog to see my full review. :)

And by the way, we left the party before 11, hung out at Wendy's, and then went to Walmart and bought the book at midnight. The line was a lot shorter than Borders!

Prilla said...

So I can't believe that you finished it already. I'm only about 125 pages in so far. I guess I'm trying to savor it. There's my lame excuse. But it's good so far. Thanks for not giving anything away. :)

Allison said...

Looks like you had a blast sis!

meredith said...

I LOVE that picture of you looking away holding your cute little belly! You look sooo beautiful!

Warren's Blog said...

Cara was in town and, YES I was at Walmart at midnight to get the book.
Maybe some day I'll read it.