Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Returning Home

Due to our location right in between a fire station and a police station, we got our power on very quickly. So we returned home yesterday. Here are pictures from our return home, as well as a little of the damage to our home. Luckily, the damage was very minimal. We did lose all of the hubby's fish in his 175 gallon salt water tank, so that was a fun smell to come to. YUCK! There are still a ton of our neighbors without power. The gas lines are crazy! What an experience!

Truck full of generators heading to Houton

Flipped over sign

Gas line in Hempstead

More of the line in Hempstead

Magnolia was very organized. Check out the signs

Fence down along 1488

Tree down off 1488

Another tree down off 1488

Trees down on power lines in Porter on 1314

More trees down on power lines in Porter on 1314

Flooding in Porter on 1314

Lots of trees down on someone's property on 1314

Tree removal trucks heading south on 59. There was a HUGE line of them!

Trees down on North Park

Gas line at Texaco on North Park & Russell Palmer

Trees down along North Park

Trees down along North Park near Hollywood Video

Gas line at the Chevron on North Park at Woodland Hills Dr.

Tree down and damage at strip mall on North Park

Piles of debris

Our pile of debris. Some angel cleaned up our yard before we even got home!

Crack in our living room ceiling. The worst of the damage.

Mess from ceiling.


Elena said...

I'm sorry that there was any damage at all, but I'm glad it was minimal - and that you were safe. Good luck with the cleanup.

Tracie said...

i too am so glad that you guys were safe. i can't get any pictures. is it just me??

alisha said...

Welcome home. I can't get any pictures either...it says "image cave, Bandwidth exceeded" for each of them.

Muggle Mom said...

bummer about the photos! i'll upload them to photobucket and try again.

meredith said...

Glad you are home and the damage was minimal. That gas line was crazy!! Did you have to wait in that line???

Z. Marie said...

Thanks for not posting photos of the dead fish! ... It's amazing FM 1314 even was passable. I've seen worse flooding than that through there from much smaller storms. ... How in the WOLRD did the ceiling in your living room get cracked?

Cindy said...

Poor fishies! I am glad that your house is okay and what sweet friends you have to clean your yard. I am glad above all that your family was safe.

Janelle said...

I bet our fridge smelled comparable to your dead fish... do you need help with the ceiling, not that I would know how, but...?