Thursday, September 25, 2008

The past couple weeks

Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks of our life during the Ike-imposed vacation.  
There are also quite a few more pictures on the kids' blog, so don't forget to check them out.

The only way this boy will give me a kiss is if a picture is being taken.  Better than nothing I guess.
Took the kids to the zoo.  It was nasty hot, but fun.
This boy was a HAM at his big sister's b-day pool party.  Too cute!

Taking a walk along the creek.
The pile of debris just kept growing as we had to cut down broken limbs and such.
Me and the cutest boy in the world at big sister's party.


Alyssa said...


I found your blog... by finding Emily's finding Susie's blog.... who found me through my brother Matt.

I'm living in Germany- wahoo! No, I don't speak everyday is an adventure in being slightly lost/ clueless, etc. I am a drama and English teacher- so never a dull moment. No hubby/ kids as of yet.

I see that you are in Texas- how very exciting! And I am glad that you were safe from Ike.

I'll have to link up your blog to mine-- I love reunions :-)

Allison said...

I can't believe how big G looks in these pics! He is too cute. I wish we could see each other soon sister.