Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby #4 4D Ultrasound

Hi guys! We had our 4D ultrasound today for our little girl. And yes, it is a girl....we had her double check. ;)

She was being a little difficult and didn't want to stop chewing on her yummy baby fingers. It was really cute, but made it hard to see her little nose and mouth.

And great news! I don't have gestational diabetes with this pregnancy!!!!! Woohoo!!! No testing and special diet this time!

Here she is! She would not take her little hands away from her face. Might be our first thumb sucker.

Yummy fingers

Mouth open

A hand-free shot

Thumb in the mouth again

Hands crossed under her chin

A little smile

Licking her hands

Chubby cheeks with hand under chin


meredith said...

I love the one where she is licking her hand. I can't believe how much better the ultrasounds are now!!

Debbie said...

My first thought is that I will have an alien granddaughter!!

I agree with Meredith, that the technology has gotten much better but that alien look still needs to be tweaked!!!

Glad to hear no can enjoy things a bit better!

I'm finishing up baby girl's rag quilt...should finish snipping this weekend! Can't believe I'm this far out...wonder what will be coming up in the next several weeks that I'll be oh so glad that the baby blankets are done. Hum.

Elena said...

Look at those cheeks!!! I totally disagree with your mom, though. I see a cute little baby in there. Amazing. Can you imagine those cheeks with a few more months of growing? Cute.

Allison said...

Exciting! But I have to agree with momma....the 4D ultrasound is a little other worldly. It is cool to be able to see her little features though.

Emily Murdock said...

That is incredible! Maybe with our next baby we'll do the 4D!