Sunday, November 9, 2008

Place your bets

November is a busy month in my life. There are TON of birthdays of family and friends. This baby is due November 28th. When do you think she'll be born? Here's a little of my baby history so you aren't just guessing in the dark:

Baby #1 (girl): born 6 days late 6 lb 12 oz
Baby #2 (girl): born 1 week early 8 lb 3 oz
Baby #3 (boy): born 2 weeks early 8 lb 4 oz
Baby #4 is a girl

And here is the list of November dates that are birthdays of family and friends:

30 (my 30th birthday) :D


Prilla said...

So I'm gonna go for 1 week early. Nov. 21st. Then you can call her Bella. :)

SBFH said...

I am turning 35 on November 23rd. Just a little FYI for you and your pollywog.

Barlow Family said...

I'm going for Lauren's birthday, just cause! Nov 14!

meredith said...

November 24th!!

Muggle Mom said...

i'm really hoping susie is right! that would be this friday! ;)

Allison said...

I pick November 16th and I think she is gonna weigh 15 lbs at birth...that's right, 15! I kid, I kid. I think she will be 7lbs and some change and born on Sunday.

Cindy said...

Okay I guess November 18th. Good luck with her arrival! I wish you a safe delivery and a healthy baby!

Anonymous said...

we had family participation for this one. we are just kinda excited for you guys ;)
J: nov. 26 (8# 7oz)
S: nov. 22 (8# 7oz)
N: nov. 25 (8#)
C: nov. 27 (7,7)
K: nov. 24 (8,4)
M: dec. 1 (7,4)
I: nov. 19 (7,5) (i had him point to numbers)
L: she is just excited about a new girl cousin her age :)

Kelsey said...

K, so they come earlier and bigger! Are you already dilated? I say next week.

Ralina said...

So, what do we win if we guess right. I am guessing Nov.22th and she will be 7 lbs 8 oz. Good luck in the delivery.

Elena said...

nov. 15 8 lb 7 oz. whenever she comes, i hope all goes well and she's as cute as your other kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing November 17th and if you name her Bella like the other million post Twilight babies...I'll die and forever make fun of you!