Friday, January 23, 2009

My Girls

I've been a terrible blogger.  I'm not on the computer any less which would be a good excuse for not blogging.  I just have been bad.  :(  Blame it on Facebook.  

Here is Little A.  She's 2 months old now.  So cute!

B tried to curl her hair with a comb.  Bad idea.  Such a mess!  Luckily, we didn't have to cut her hair to get it out.  The comb is in tiny pieces though now.
K & A.  I think these two will end up looking a lot alike.
Our little Aggie!  So cute!  She even has little A&M socks on, but of course I didn't get them in the picture.  
Bow head!  My friend Tracy is a bowmaker and had a ton of her bows on sale, so we stocked up.  
Don't worry.  G is still with us.  I haven't killed him....yet.  Just kidding. He's a little terror, but a stinkin' cute one.  He loves the vacuum.  He even dreams about them.  He woke up the other night saying "No more vacuum."