Friday, January 23, 2009

My Girls

I've been a terrible blogger.  I'm not on the computer any less which would be a good excuse for not blogging.  I just have been bad.  :(  Blame it on Facebook.  

Here is Little A.  She's 2 months old now.  So cute!

B tried to curl her hair with a comb.  Bad idea.  Such a mess!  Luckily, we didn't have to cut her hair to get it out.  The comb is in tiny pieces though now.
K & A.  I think these two will end up looking a lot alike.
Our little Aggie!  So cute!  She even has little A&M socks on, but of course I didn't get them in the picture.  
Bow head!  My friend Tracy is a bowmaker and had a ton of her bows on sale, so we stocked up.  
Don't worry.  G is still with us.  I haven't killed him....yet.  Just kidding. He's a little terror, but a stinkin' cute one.  He loves the vacuum.  He even dreams about them.  He woke up the other night saying "No more vacuum."


Suzi said...

Love all the pics! What beautiful girls they are! And I think you need to adopt my goal of making your pictures giant...try'll like it.

Debbie said...

Oh so happy to see pictures of the girls! I like Suzi's idea of making them know you can do it!!
That little G and the vacuum...oh the stories I hope you are writing down. He'll get a kick out of them down the road.

Julie said...

What a cutie little "A" is! I love the big bows. :) Glad to see you're back to blogging!

Allison said...

Cute kids...and I agree about the giant pictures. I don't know why, but I just do. Love you, love your kids, and I think that you are right. I think that baby girl looks a lot like K. And the bow makes me is bigger than her head, but is super cute.

meredith said...

You have beautiful girls!

Janelle said...

Hey nicole,
Ruth told me about some crazy thing with a hair and circulation being cut off... YUCK, I need to hear more about that later. I hope you guys are donig OK, your littlest one is precious and I love the bow!