Friday, July 29, 2011

Crayon Art

My first pin to try was to copy the crayon art.  I thought it would be fun for the kids and would make some fun art for the kids' rooms.  Here is the original pin:

Here are what my three oldest children created.  

This is by my 4 year old son:

By my almost 11 year old daughter (she wants to decorate her room monotone with green accents):

And by my 9 year old daughter:

I was SO pleased with the results and they had so much fun doing them.  They are very proud of their art too.  It was a very simple and inexpensive project too.  I bought a 3 pack of 11 x 14 (i think) canvases.  They were $5 for the pack.  Then I got 24-ct packs of Crayola crayons on sale for $0.40 each.  I let the kids arrange the crayons however they wanted.  I then hot glued the crayons on the canvas.  We then clipped the canvas to our easel and used a blow dryer on HOT & LOW to melt them.  You can "flick" the blow dryer to splatter the melting crayons a bit if you wish.  

A couple kids added glitter after the melting was done.  I then sprayed a clear coat of acrylic spray paint to keep the glitter from coming off.  I still need to frame them and hang them up.  This pinning experience was a SUCCESS!!!!

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