Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!!!!

With 100+ degree temps this week, we needed a pin to try that didn't involve an oven.  So we decided to play with bubbles.  Here are the bubble related ideas I have pinned:

Homemade Bubble Wands

Super Giant Bubble Recipe

Bubble Refill Station

The Homemade wands were AWESOME!!!!!!  We went around and found any bottle with a ring around the neck such as water bottles, vegetable oil, gatorade bottles, milk, orange juice, etc.  I used tweezers to removed the rings.  I recommend that you don't use your good tweezers because, well....

After you have a good collection of rings, you can hot glue them to chopsticks (I got a set of 8 chopsticks at the dollar store).  I just let the kids show me what configuration they wanted to have on their wands and glued the rings on for them.  

We made the homemade bubble recipe.  It worked well, but if you don't use it right away, the cornstarch settles at the bottom and you have to stir it again.  My oldest daughter came up with a great idea for a dipping container.....just cut the top of a water bottle off.  :)  Doesn't work for wider wands, but great for narrow ones.  And then to save it for next time, just put a piece of saran wrap with a rubber band on top.  

We also made a few out of pipe cleaners.  The pipe cleaner wands made some great bubbles, but got a bit droopy as they got wetter.  So we'll probably use a chopstick for those as well last time.  

I found a container to make a bubble refill station on clearance at my local Kroger for $3.  Cute container, but the spout was too hard for the kids to operate.  So I am still on the quest for a better container. 

I will keep testing out bubble recipes until I find one I like.  (I have another one pinned, but I was out of corn syrup).  Overall, this was a fun activity for all of my kids, ages 11 down to 2.  Happy bubble blowing!

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