Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 Days In....

and I'm still alive!!!  Crazy, huh???  ;)  Life does go on without every move being posted on Facebook!

On Day 1, I was surprised how SLOW time seemed to go.  They day took freakin' FOREVER!!!!  Time crawled along slower than Christmas!!!

The good thing was, I was very productive.  I got about 5 loads of laundry folded...and of course there are still several more loads left to fold.  Lucky me!  ;)  My son (G-man) and I baked banana muffins....a triple batch.  We both had so much fun working together.  I did a bunch of dishes, even cleaned up the mess from the muffins (which sadly, isn't always the case).  I even made a delicious stroganoff dinner!  (Although the kids thought I was trying to poison them.  Dang picky eaters!)

I did keep having status updates go through my head and just itchin' to get them "out there".  I spoke with my friend who recently quit Facebook and she admitted she had the same problem.  She would just write them down in a notebook and that was enough to get them out of her system.  I'm trying it and it is working.  Who knew that it would bother me this much to not broadcast my funny, random or thought-provoking status???

I had my computer on most of the day still, but for playing music instead of Facebooking (and yes, it IS a verb!)  Yes, I did keep looking for my Facebook tab and no, it wasn't there.  I missed playing my games, Pioneer Trail (formerly Frontierville) and Zuma Blitz.  They are my unwinders that help me relax, but they are also my escapes.  So I have been playing more Words With Friends on my phone (crazycole78 if you play).  It's been enough so far to fill my need to veg out, but not monopolize my time or escape from what I need to be doing.

I was able to study a lot faster in the evening for my Anatomy & Physiology exam that I had today.  (And I think I aced it...SCORE!!!)  With it being a weekend, it's not as hard to be away from Facebook. I'm thinking Monday is going to be the toughest day yet.  *sigh*


Suzanne said...

I am always amazed how much I can get done when I turn the computer off. I am impressed with all you did and I am sure G loved all of the attention. Will seriously loves baking. Hope Monday isn't too hard.

Suzanne said...

Oh and way to go on the test!!