Friday, October 14, 2011

Did Hell freeze over????

For those of you that know me know how much I detest exercising.  It is basically a four letter world to me.  I don't believe in it.  I'm allergic to it.  I don't do it.  End of story.

That was the old me.  The new "I've gained 40 pounds and needs to lose it" Nicole actually exercises!!!


Don't worry, I'm not all gung-ho, but I must confess (and this is a HUGE secret, only between you and me).....

I actually like it!  Shhhhhhh!!!!!

I have been biking.  We have some amazing greenbelt trails in our community and after living here for almost 11 years, I'm finally taking advantage of them (since we pay annually for them, might as well!)  I am still a complete novice at biking, and I don't plan on becoming a pro.  I have learned a few things so far:

1.  padded biking shorts are a MUST!
2.  having your seat too low will cause you to work harder than you need to.
3.  I can bike longer than I thought I could.
4.  Screaming at yourself really does help you push further.

My biggest realization today of doing this whole "exercise" thing is this.....

It makes me happy all day long!  Like a natural high.  :)

I really hate to admit it, but I am really liking this whole exercising thing.  It feels great!  And it is helping me shed some layers of blah that have seemed to be growing around me.

So if you are driving around, and hear some crazy lady singing some Ke$ha song, loudly and off-key, wave.  I'll wave back.  :D


Allison Black said...

LOVE IT! Endorphins rock. I so need to get back in exercise mode. It does feel amazing. Although, I don't think that I could ever bike...I would fall off instantly and people would point and laugh.

Suzanne said...

You are amazing! Love this post and love that you are doing so well. Love you!

MZP said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are loving it. I completely agree and I have become addicted to biking the greenbelts as well. I love tracking my rides with an app called "mytracks" and seeing how far I've ridden. Ride on sista!

Heather VDB said...

5. Go poop before you leave the house.

Consequences for not doing so; You will have to send your spouse back home (6 miles) to get the van to pick you and your bike up because you know if you push the pedal one more time you're going to have a mess on the bike trail. Yes, this happened to me. I was nearly in tears on the side of the road rocking back and forth praying that stuff would stay put for just a bit longer.

I never go biking without pooping first anymore.

And see Nicole, the poop talk is hereditary. My poor children!!

Nicole said...

i check that one out melissa. i've been using the app "mapmyride" and it sounds like it does the same thing.

and heather.....we are like poop sisters! ;) <3 it!

Rush~ said...

i'm going to be looking for those endorphins when i get my big butt on the elliptical and really get serious and sweat. u better not be making this crap up. i could use a high. :)

seriously, i think that's awesome. and your secret about loving exercise is safe with me. i got ur back, girl.

go nicole!

Nicole said... took a few times of doing it before i caught on, but if you are looking for it, you might notice it sooner. but it's there. :D

Janelle said...

Wish I were there to ride with ya! Come visit me sometime, I'm not too far away now! :) I"m by the temple. next time you go, call me and we'll do lunch!

Debbie said...

I would love to go bike riding...where I live it's too hilly and I would pass out!
Now it's getting too chilly so keep riding those gorgeous trails right there in your backyard for you and your mama!!
Love you!!