Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Pics

Since this is a totally selfish blog and I don't include much of my kiddos, I thought I'd take a quick post to share pics of the kids for proof of their existence.  ;)  These are from June 2011.  My fabulous friend, who is a wonderful photographer among her many talents, took these for us.  Yes, the hub is missing.  We took these as a Father's Day gift for him.  (Hence the railroad scene).  As a bonus, my Mom and stepdad were in town too.  Sweet!  So without further adieu, here they are.  Try not to be jealous of how stunningly fantastic we are.  We can't help it.  ;)

My monsters
Okay....posted a bunch of pics, but they were making the blog take FOREVER to load. HERE and you can see them if you like.  ;)


Heather VDB said...

G cracks me up. He always looks ornery as can be!

Nicole said...

he IS ornery as can be!!! he wouldn't smile for the dang camera...i had to bribe him with something to smile....can't remember what the bribe was now though. ;)