Saturday, October 1, 2011

Italian Red Potatoes

I made up this recipe last night for a side dish.  It came out SO good, I had to share!!!  They were flavorful and just enough crispiness.

4-6 red potatoes, cut into small pieces
Italian dressing
Grated parmesan cheese

Take a gallon ziploc bag and put the potatoes in with about 1/2c - 1c of Italian dressing.  Zip it up and shake it all around.

Open the bag up and pour in 1/2c-1c parmesan cheese.  Zip it up and shake it all around.

Place the coated potatoes on a greased cookie sheet or casserole dish (I lined mine with foil for easy clean up).  Spread out potatoes so they are about 1 layer thick.

Bake at 375*F for 45-60 minutes (flipping half-way through) until baked to your preferred crispiness.  


Suzanne said...

These sound so good. Must try soon.

Page said...

Ooh these sound yummy and easy to make. Thanks for sharing ur recipe.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm..... yummo. I am so cooking these bad boys this weekend. i don't cook much but potatoes are one of a few things i do, especially with a big pot of beans and some cornbread. now i'm hungry.