Monday, October 10, 2011

My True Addiction & A Confession

This is the HTC Evo.  This is my phone.  I love my phone.  And I'm not exaggerating at all.  I really do LOVE my phone!  It does EVERYTHING!  It is my alarm clock.  It is my sound machine while I sleep.  It is my calendar.  It is my email.  It is my phone book.  It is my stress relief (games).  It is my camera.  It is my video camera.  It is my calorie & exercise tracker.  It's my weatherman.  It's my library.  It's my radio.  It is my GPS.  And there is even MORE that it does that I'm sure I am forgetting.  Needless to say, the Evo and I have a very close, intertwined relationship.

Last Thursday, my wonderful 2 year old dropped my phone.  This is not an unusual occurrence  but this time was one too many and the screen shattered.  It looked like a spiderweb.  The phone was still functioning, but if I wasn't careful, I would have sliced my finger on the broken glass.  Thankfully, when my awesome BIL (brother-in-law) bought the phone for me (he's a former Best Buy, I miss those discounts!), he purchased the insurance.  All I had to do was take the phone into my local Best Buy and have them ship it off to fix it.  Easy, right?

Wrong.  I went in early Friday morning.  Luckily, I was kid-free.  I sat at the Geek Squad counter for over 30 minutes waiting to be acknowledged.  And for those who know me in person, I'm not one to be easily ignored.  ;)  But I waited nicely, trying to ignore the very large lady sitting next to me with her tramp stamp and some butt cleavage staring me down.  I told you, I'm hard to ignore, even butt cleavage can't resist! (__|__)

Finally, I get the golden question, "Ma'am, have you been helped?"

Why, no I have not!  He quickly filed my claim, took my broken baby and gave me my receipts.  He sent me over to the mobile department to pick up a loaner phone.  A loaner phone????  SWEET!!!!  I thought I was going to have to be phoneless or steal my daughter's phone.  For a fully refundable $50 deposit, I was going to have a phone!

John was my friendly mobile rep that was ready to hook me up with a loaner.  He couldn't offer the same phone, but said he would try to get me the best phone he could.  The first phone was a fail.  It did not want to work.  :(  He then pulled out the backup phone.  I was not excited about it, but if it could receive calls and text, I would be okay.  After an hour of trying to get phones to work, he was finally able to get the phone activated, but it wouldn't recognize my contact file that I had backed up to my SD card.  Dang it!

I am a piece-of-crap phone!
It's been a fun week asking everyone who texts me who they are.  I don't have anyone's numbers.  It's SO frustrating!!!  It makes calls and can text, but the keyboard sucks and the touch screen sucks.  It has really made me appreciate how wonderful my EVO is.  I can't wait to get my baby back.  I have missed it WAY more than Facebook.

I must confess, I logged back onto Facebook this morning.  But only to get email addresses and phone numbers from a few friends that I didn't have.  But I quickly deactivated again.  I honestly don't know if I will go back to Facebook.  I am really enjoying being free of it.  I am loving blogging again, and I am on Google+ if you are on there too.  ;)

Send me your blog addy if you have one.  :)

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