Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Plugging into Real Life

Today starts day 5 with no Facebook.....and to be completely honest, I don't miss it.  At all.  (For the most part).  Shocking, I know.  I'm seriously surprised myself, especially with how addicted I was to it and how much I felt it consumed my thoughts and time.  I was seriously on there a RIDICULOUS amount of hours on most days.

I do miss my friends, but luckily, my phone has been farting like a fat guy at a chili cook-off sans odor!  (My text alert is an AWESOME, loud fart).  ;)  And what I'm realizing is that I don't need to hear from everyone everyday, all day long!  Not that I don't care what is going on with my friends because I do.  But not being a slave to the feed has allowed me to plug into my life, to my kids, to myself.  I miss joking around with my friends on Facebook...who doesn't love a great "that's what she said" joke???  I don't want to know that person!  :P

I also miss the validation that the "likes" and comments provide.  And don't say that they don't matter to you because you know you get a little pick-me-up when you get that notification.  I'm realizing my worth isn't tied up to how many times that little red box pops up.  The feeling I get when I've played with my kids and gotten a genuine, big bear hug from them saying "I love you mommy" feels TONS better!

The way I feel OFF Facebook is 10x's better than how I felt on Facebook.  I feel less blah.  I feel less drained.  I feel less wasteful.  I'm still fighting some negative feelings that I have been dealing with for awhile, but that will come with time and effort.  And I'll probably blog about it in the next couple of days because I am an open book, and I do like to put stuff out there in hopes that it might help someone else going through similar situations or feelings.

I am still fighting the urges and habits to "escape" into my computer.  But it is hard to escape when you don't have a little ticker telling you what is happening in real time....since I really need to know that you just "liked" Walmart.  Who gives a flip Facebook???  Not this gal anymore!

Here's my challenge to you....evaluate your Facebook and/or computer use.  Are you escaping from something by staring at that screen?  What are you trying to ignore?  I challenge you to turn it off and face it.  Whatever it is you are trying to escape from....because you know what?  It will still be there.  It's not going to magically go away.  So face it now, and deal with it.  Then you don't have to run anymore.  :)


Suzanne said...

I seriously can't believe how quickly you are feeling better. What a blessing. Keep up the hard work! Love you!!

Rush~ said...

Omgosh I've missed your humor. You make me laugh for reals. Great posts with great points. I've been FB free for, what?, couple of months now. I was sure I'd go through withdrawals and was surprised when I didn't. Pleasantly. Look forward to reading your blog!

A fellow recovering FB addict

Allison Black said...

I am so happy for you sister. It is amazing how energizing it is when you check back into life after a prolonged absence. You were there for me and the boys when I couldn't find my way back. If I can do anything for you, just name it. Love you so much.

Debbie said...

That's my can do hard things! Love you!!