Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let the Candy Comas Begin

We are not the biggest holiday celebrators in the world for any holiday.  But this year, I actually had a costume (kind of) for the first time in YEARS. 

Yes, this is the only pic you can actually see it.  Yep, be jealous of my INSANE camera phone skills.  ;)  I took it at a friends house and it made me laugh when I noticed all her Mormon Ads behind me as I'm dressed up as a black angel (aka naughty angel).  :D

And as another bonus, you can see my touched up atomic pink highlights.....LOVE THEM!!!!!!! 

The kids were:

K (11 yr old) - A vampire princess
B (9 yr old) - Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place
G (almost 5) - A ninja
A (almost 3) - A princess

We did make up on K this year, like real make up and man....I am in for some trouble once she starts caring about what she looks like.  She has some amazing natural beauty.  I just pray that she won't blossom until she's 18.  ;)  A mom can dream can't she? 

We had our church Trunk or Treat as usual.  And since I was going all out with a costume...okay, a headband.....I figured I should decorate the car as well.  Thanks to pinterest, I found an easy and fun idea......

 Poster board teeth!!!!!  It took 2 poster boards to cover the width of my mom-mobile (suburban).  And I used the pieces that I cut off from doing the top fangs for the bottom teeth. 

I sat inside and told the kid that the monster ate me.  They got a kick out of it.  It was cool because with the tailgate open, the top fangs hung over the kids as they came to trick or treat at our car. 

Of course I didn't get a pic when there was still light out, so you get to see mediocre pics.  But would you expect anything less from this photography genius?  I think not.  ;)

We have a RIDICULOUS amount of candy.  It's not even funny.  Especially when I'm trying to lose a few pounds.  Those mini-sized candies add up FAST.  K even swapped out her trick or treat bag for a pillowcase mid-trick or treating.  She meant business!!!  B was complaining that her knee hurt 10 minutes in and quit.  Wimp.  Overall, it was a fun time.  :)  Now I just have to endure G-man asking everyday how long until the next Halloween.  :/


Stephens Family said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!! The kids looked great and man you will have to beat the boys off with a stick when it comes to K...she is BEAUTIFUL just like her mom!!! I loved the fangs on the mom mobile!!! LOL!!

Debbie said...

How fun for everyone! Ideas for getting rid of candy...see if there are dentists that buy it from the kids. You buy it from the kids...dentists here pay with $2 bills...kinda cool.
Monica does the Switch Witch keep 10 pieces of candy of their choice...they trade in the rest for a fun new toy!
We had nearly a 100 trick or treaters...all the candy is gone thank heavens! I didn't eat one bar of it...I amazed myself!!
Love you!!

Suzanne said...

Everyone looks so great and I am so impressed that you dressed up as well. I am so bah-humbug with Halloween and never dress up. I need to change my attitude! And the poster board teeth are so fun.

Allison Black said...

HILARIOUS! We had a vampire princess and Chase wore the SAME ninja costume as Grey, only in blue. I also dressed up for the first time ever....
You and the kids look awesome sis!